Award Winning Restaurant Websites and eMarketing Tools that Increase Sales and Guest Counts

The B&R Marketing System is essential to marketing a restaurant. We help restaurants increase sales and guest counts with a professional website and eMarketing tools that turn one time guests into lifelong customers. The B&R Marketing System is built specifically for restaurants, bars, pubs, grills, nightclubs, delis, breweries, wineries, food trucks, and pizzerias.

eMail Marketing
Restaurants that embrace eMail marketing retain more customers and have a better chance of building lifelong relationships with their guests. With only a few clicks you will be sending eMails and promotions to your database. Save time and never upload a list again, your database handles it for you.
Mobile Accessibility
Everyday potential guests are searching for local places to eat and drink on their smartphone. More and more website traffic is generated by smartphones and tablets, not having a mobile website will hurt any business. Having a mobile friendly website is just as important as having a traditional website.
Publish your Menu
All establishments that serve food need to have an up-to-date menu on their website. Today's potential guest doesn't want to download a PDF, they want to quickly view your offerings and specials, and be able to view it on their smartphone. Updating menu items, prices, pictures and daily specials is easy and can be done with only a few clicks.
Get Found
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't magic. Many factors such as content and how a website is coded are considered when a search engine displays their results page. Do not worry about page rankings and let the experts handle it for you!
Control Your Content
Business owners need to have the ability to update their own website without having to go to the developer who made the website. Food service websites are used to promote your brand, owners need to ensure that your website represents your establishment in a positive manner.
Cloud Based
Living in the cloud is secure, easy to access, energy efficient, and saves you money. Simply go to your website, login with your username and password and begin to update your website or launch a new marketing campaign.
Social Media
Make the most out of your social media accounts by posting to Facebook and Twitter from a single place with our Social Marketing Suite. It is proven that customers that are engaged with you on social networks are 10 times more likely to visit your establishment.
Digital Directory Listings
Through social media platforms and websites like Yelp and Urban Spoon, reviews about restaurants can now spread to millions of people online and overnight. The first step is getting listed on the directories. Our account specialists ensure that your business is properly listed on all of the top directories.
QR Code Generator
QR codes (or Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional versions of the traditional barcode. Customers with smartphones can take a picture of the code, process it with their QR code reader, and be directed to the webpage that is associated with the code.
Digital Comment Cards
Comment cards have been a long standard in restaurants. They gather feedback from guests and collect eMail addresses that can be used for future marketing. Previously comment cards would be left on tables or included with with a guest's check. Going digital saves money and time, and grows your customer database.
Photo Gallery
Create amazing web photo galleries and share your creations and experiences online. Our photo album tool lets you to manage your photos and other digital images.
Marketing Services
If you don't have the time to manage your own website or eMarketing campaigns our customer service team can execute your eMail campaigns, help you build a following on Facebook or Twitter, or manage your website.