Event Manager

Your promotional events are a time for your bar or restaurant to shine.  Even the most carefully planned events can falter because of a number of factors that may wiggle out of your control.   You need a solution that allows you to give each event the attention - and the marketing push - it deserves.

B&R Marketing System's Event Management tool enables you to quickly add events to your website's calendar so you can promote your events to YOUR database, with our marketing tools.Create and publish an online calendar that is always available on your website.  In addition to regular events that occur weekly, monthly, or annually, The B&R Marketing System’s Calendar also supports special events that you can post onto your monthly calendar. Having these special events available on your calendar will help draw in new customers who do not usually attend your special events.

Promote your events with B&R's event management tool, which will help you:

  • Keep your website current.  All changes you make to the calendar can be published directly to your website, which is a great way to make sure that your customers are getting the right information about your special events.
  • Unify and streamline event operations and promotions. The system publishes directly to your website.  There's no need for dual calendars when you are using this system. You, your staff, and your customers are always on the same page.
  • Save time on event calendar maintenance. The system is user friendly, and you'll be able to set up all of your events in less time than it would take with other event management software.
  • Fully integrate with your customer database. This will give each of your customers a chance to learn more about your events and why they should attend. Your customer database is there for you to use as a source of generating interest in your business - use it!
  • Quickly and easily promote your events with the Social Marketing Suite and eMail Marketing tools.  Promoting your events will get your customers’ attention and can boost attendance.

With our events calendar manager, owners will never need to worry if their restaurant's website fresh and current. Owners and operators have recognized that properly highlighting weekly and special events is just as important as hosting the event.

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