Customer Database

Every piece of customer data (be it a postal address, birth date, or eMail address) creates a marketing opportunity for your bar or restaurant. Direct mail and eMail marketing both rely on a customer database. Two key components are necessary for a marketing campaign to become successful: a compelling call-to-action and a marketing database.

The B&R customer database addresses these concerns, allowing you to:

  • Import existing customer data or start building your database from scratch.
  • Capture customer data, such as email address, through your website.
  • Automatically update your eMail marketing lists. Save time by not having to upload lists, remove unsubscribe requests and adding people who request to receive your eMails.
  • Segment data any way you want and deliver custom messages to your customers.
  • Personalize every communication, so your customers never feel like they're on the other end of a mass communication.
  • Keep all of your customer data organized and ready to be segmented (for example, town, state, birthday month, etc.) in one place.
  • Make customers feel special by sending them communications and coupons to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions.

Having an efficient customer database creates new marketing opportunities, such as sending birthday wishes a week before a guest’s birthday. These birthday programs are extremely effective, have a high return on investment, and have a high redemption rate.

The B&R Marketing System ensures that your customer database will be kept organized and available 24/7. Having a customer database will help turn a one-time visitor into a lifelong returning guest.

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