eMail Marketing

The B&R Marketing System's eMail marketing tool is designed for the foodservice industry. Our SaaS solution enables users to customize eMail templates, manage eMail lists, automate birthday and anniversary eMails, and access to post-deployment data. The B&R eMail marketing tool gives you complete control of your business’s eMail marketing strategies.

B&R Marketing System's eMail Marketing tool is a cornerstone to your marketing plan.

An effective eMail marketing campaign is one of the cornerstones of a successful marketing plan because people check their eMail everyday.

eMail marketing has been proven to be an effective marketing medium that drives repeat business and can be even more effective when automated. The B&R Marketing System's eMail marketing tool is designed for restaurant owners and employees and is easy to use. Any computer novice can select their desired eMail list, adjust their eMail template, write a subject line and hit send.

B&R Marketing System's eMail Marketing tool is easy to use and helps you:

  • Fully customize the look of your eMail.  Our templates can be adjusted, you can design your own from scratch or ask us to design one for you, giving you complete control of your marketing and branding.
  • Solve problems quickly and easily.  With our customer support, you can be assured that you'll get the help you need, when you need it.
  • Fully integrate your digital marketing strategy. Doing so will give you more opportunities to attract and keep first-time customers.
  • Send digital coupons to your customers automatically on their birthday or anniversary. This helps make the customer/restaurant relationship even better because getting personal gets people’s attention and creates an appeal to your restaurant.
  • Keep track of who is opening and clicking on your eMails. This feature of the eMail marketing tool is helpful to you because it gives you solid data on how your eMails are doing and who is regularly interested in their contents - maybe you can send those users more promos!
  • Gather more marketable information about your customers through eMail marketing successes and failures. You can even post a survey on one of your marketing eMails to gain this information for future promos.

Your customers are checking their inbox on a daily basis. Sending the right eMail, at the right time, is a great way to increase repeat customers and to make your establishment top of mind.

Restaurant eMail marketing has been proven to be a low cost, high return on investment, marketing channel. Restaurant owners that have embraced eMail marketing are realizing that it's more efficient when compared to direct mail, and provides real time reporting, unlike traditional marketing mediums.

Don't have the time to manage your own eMail campaigns? Our customer service team can help!

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