Mobile Website

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile Website

With over half of all web traffic done from a mobile device, your establishment needs a mobile website that can be viewed on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. Having a website that does not work on a smartphone wastes a business’s digital real estate and won’t help your business grow.

According to AmarPatel at, "50% of all restaurant searches come from mobile devices." With search traffic like this, a mobile website is imperative. Using a mobile website and other social media sites that are accessible on a smartphone or tablet will guarantee your exposure to potential customers. Your website can even be on any of these mobile phones, like the iPhone or Nexus 3.

A mobile website is a critical component of your online presence. Potential customers search for local bars or restaurants on their phones or tablets when they are on the go and expect to be able to view your website to look up information. According to Screenwork, "...local searches constitute 40% of all mobile searches."

What’s the difference between a regular website and mobile website?

Mobile websites should take seconds to load. The average desktop website, when viewed on a smartphone, takes 15 seconds or more! In the time it takes for your page to load, customers may be moving onto a competitor’s website.

People who are searching for a restaurant on a mobile device are generally looking for different information. Mobile device users who are interested in your restaurant are more likely to look for contact information, your location, hours of operation, and reservation information than they are to look for menus and reviews, as they normally would on a desktop computer.

A well designed mobile website will incorporate all of the important information a potential customer needs on the homepage. While also including the same content your traditional website offers, just presented differently.Mobile vs Traditional Website

Having a mobile website will help your customers easily connect with your business with a click-to-call button. Adding a click-to-call button to your mobile website allows your customers to contact you the minute they view your contact information. Having a click-to-call button is a great use of a mobile website because it allows customers who are on the go the ability to quickly call your business with one click.

Including a direction button is an easy way to ensure that customers can get to your location effortlessly. When site visitors click your direction button, they view a map with your business location. Users can also use the direction button for instant, turn-by-turn directions to your business.

Same Result without the App

Requiring an app limits your audience to only 20% of all mobile phones and frustrates potential customers who already have a large number of apps. Not only are apps less likely to attract new customers, but they also make keeping your information updated more work. Our websites can be viewed from any phone, no app downloads necessary.  

Smart Choices For Smartphones & Tablets

Make your mobile website as successful as it can be by including a clickable phone number. When potential customers are accessing your website from a mobile phone, they want their experience to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Make your contact information hassle free by including a clickable phone number that will directly call your restaurant from your customer’s mobile device.

All B&R Marketing System installations include a traditional and mobile websites. Our mobile websites are compatible with all smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 phones. Our mobile websites have been optimized and tested to work with the latest mobile browsers, smartphones and tablets.

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