Social Marketing Suite

B&R Marketing System's Social Marketing Suite enables you to communicate with you customers on Facebook & TwitterSocial Marketing isn't just a trendy term; it's a reality in today's connected society. Social media, regardless of the network, has officially earned its spot on the list of most important marketing strategies.

Owners need to ensure their establishment’s profile is active, posts are relevant and humorous, while being responsive to posts that mention your business. Facebook and Twitter present more than just marketing opportunities, they allow you to communicate with, and listen to, your customers.

Word of mouth advertising has always been considered the most valuable. Social media networks enable people to share their experiences with their friends. What better way to promote your brand than have advocates Tweet or post on their Facebook timeline about their dining experience. Having a social media account enables social media users to find and connect with you, instead of only mentioning you.

Being active on Twitter and Facebook will increase your establishment’s brand awareness, and when effectively managed, it will increase guest counts and build loyal customers.

B&R's Social Marketing Suite gives you easy access to Facebook and Twitter through a simple, user-friendly interface, as well as providing you with:

  • A more comprehensive web presence. When Facebook and Twitter are kept separate from the rest of your online marketing platform, one or both can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Their integration in the B&R Marketing System ensures that both will remain top of mind.
  • Another way to develop long lasting customer relationships. When you communicate with your customers on the channels that they use, customers show their appreciation by coming back again. It also creates a good public face for your customers because they can actively see you interact with other customers via social networks.
  • A way to shed light on customer's preferences. By seeing what your followers like, share, and retweet, you can tailor specials, events, and menu choices to specific parts of your customer database. Gathering this marketable information will give you even more to work with for your next promotion or special.
  • A way to loop your customers back to your website. You're not going to post your menu on a social media network, however social media is a great way to link your customers back to your website where they can see more directly relevant information such as your menu and reviews.
  • A way to gain social attention. The more attention your restaurant gets, the better. Social media "likes", "shares", and "tweets" provides your business great opportunities to be discovered by new customers after their friends give your business the attention that it deserves.
  • Schedule posts for future delivery People are busy, finding the time to post updates throughout the day can become overbearing and time consuming. The B&R Marketing System works around your day, schedule future updates and posts in advance while you can focus on your busy day.

Don't have time to manage your Twitter and Facebook profiles? Our customer service team can help! We will create custom social media marketing campaigns and execute them on your behalf.

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